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exceptchildren - Causes"etiology-the cause of most cases of...

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Causes “etiology” -the cause of most cases of mental retardation (~70%) is unknown -however, there seems to be an association between mild retardation and low SES -this is known as “cultural familial” mental retardation -cultural-familial retardation results from a combo of many factors including poor prenatal care, instability in the family, possible drug/alcohol use, and limited access to enriching resources -the approximate 30% of cases with identifiable causes are usually more severe -causes are either inherent/constitutional or environmental -inherent/constitutional: some dysfunction within the body results in retardation -environmental causes something is imposed on the fetus or person from the environment and causes retardation -retardation may result from difficulties in the prenatal, perinatal, or postnatal periods -the prenatal period begins at conception and lasts until the end of the 2 nd trimester of pregnancy, the perinatal lasts from the 3 rd trimester until one month after birth
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