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Unformatted text preview: 5 November 2007 Professor Erfani Freud: Future of an Illusion 1. What were the three tasks of the Gods? How are they related to the role of civilization? 2. What difference does Freud see between geography and religion? Civilization needs order; there cannot just be a free-for-all. Therefore, according to Freud, the gods have three tasks. Their first task is to “exorcise the terrors of nature.” Internal necessities of people cause the automatic development of nature although the gods originally arranged it how it is to this day. The universe was left to prosper as it would only being intervened in at times when it was necessary to exhibit the power continuously held by the gods. The second task was to “reconcile men to the cruelty of fate.” Especially in death the gods were the original creators of fate but Moria, who was fate herself, stood above all gods providing them with their own destinies. The third task was to help mankind deal with the trials and tribulations of life and other destinies....
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