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William James2, 1/11/07 - 1 November 2007 Professor Erfani...

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Unformatted text preview: 1 November 2007 Professor Erfani William James: Will to Believe 1. What does James mean when he says that we have to create or participate in truth? What do you make of his example of being in love? 2. What are two advantages of religion? When William James proclaims that we much create or participate in truth he means that we much experience life in order to gain our own knowledge and truth. We must allow our opinions to grow to be truths. He says that each truth is stabilized by objective or even subjective evidence and that although we may not know where it comes from it can still be believed. He states that majors laws in moral thoughts are chase truth or avoid error and which one is actually more important. He says that to avoid error is much different that chasing truth because there is no risk involved we are not even actively participating in the search for truth. “We can throw the chance of gaining truth away and at any rate save ourselves from any chance of believing falsehood” by...
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