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Unformatted text preview: cience, painting physical education, and political education. After elementary school, students will go to Junior Middle School, when they have graduated from Junior Middle School, they will move on to Senior Middle School. Psychological Needs: Psychological Needs: Entertainment: Taijiquan (a form of martial arts) Qigong (a form of martial arts) Aerobics Singing Music Going to parks Keeping songbirds as a hobby Storytelling hopscotch Entertainment (continued) Entertainment (continued) Jumping rope Marbles Cat’s cradle Schoolyard games Computer games* Elephant chess (a strategy game) Weiqi (a strategy game) Ping­pong Basketball Volleyball *evidence of technology Entertainment (continued) Entertainment (continued) Swimming Wrestling Religion: Religion: Christianity Islam Buddhism The Terra Cotta Warriors The It’s spectacular in here. There are three pits. Pit 1 is 14 260 square meters, the largest of the three pits. There are more than 6000 Terra Cotta Warriors and horses in there, all marshaled into battle line formation. They were built to escort Qin Shi Huang, later the first Chinese Emperor, to the afterlife. In pit one, three columns facing to the east act as a vanguard. The soldiers are in squads of 70, making 210 soldiers in all. Pit 2 holds 1000 warriors, 500 horses, and 89 wooden chariots. My favorite, Pit 3, is the command center of the army. It is a concave structure of 520 square meters. It contains 68 warriors, four horses, and one chariot, none of which are in battle formation. The warriors are standing guard, surrounded by animal bones and deer horns, probably sacrifices. Truly amazing!...
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