31 - View points of behavior 1 Physiological Biological...

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8/31/05 PAST PRESENT AND PSYCHOLOGY Dispositional factors – internal Situational factors – external Levels that psychology are studied on Micro Molecular Molar Freud 1890 – William Jones - Principals of Psychology What our behavior is a product of: Social Factors Genetics Geography Community Physical Factors Environmental Factors Lawrence Taylor Greatest defensive player in the history of football NY Giants Drug Addict Abusive to his wife Absentee dad William Gates He influences everything we do Single most influential individual Bad student Left college before his first semester of college Osoma Bin Laden Sept 11 Changed everything bit of our lives John Nash Economist The beautiful mind Nobel prize in decision-making Skitzo
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Trying to predict mental behavior and sometimes control it Psych not different from other hard disciplines…bio, chem, math, etc
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Unformatted text preview: View points of behavior 1. Physiological / Biological viewpoint a. Product of neurotransmitters b. Control your emotions, personality, your mind, etc 2. Intrapsychic Viewpoint a. Freud said product of unconscious i. Id, the ego and the super ego b. Mind is a product of our unconscious c. Body has complete control over our mind 3. Social / Behavioral Viewpoint a. Your thoughts, behavior, personality are product of your environment b. Situational Factors 4. Holistic a. It is all the view points i. Can not be isolated as one more important than the other b. Precision is very much used Psychology is a relatively new scientific discipline Psychology is a discipline that grows form controversy New questions asked The argue over answers Prove the answers...
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31 - View points of behavior 1 Physiological Biological...

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