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ART 4424: HIGH RENAISSANCE PAINTING IN ITALY Prof. M. Zucker Office: 208 Design (just down the hall) Office hours: Phone: 578-5406 (or leave message at Art Office: 578-5411) E-mail: • BRIEF COURSE DESCRIPTION: Since various students in this class have already taken ART 4423 (Early Renaissance Painting) last semester, ART 4424 picks up where that course left off. Before reaching the High Renaissance we will study a group of important Early Renaissance painters active in the latter part of the fifteenth century (Topics B-H). Only after the midterm will we begin to deal with the High Renaissance proper (Topics I-P). If time remains at the end of the semester, consideration will also be given to Mannerism. • EXAMS AND GRADING: There will be two exams: a midterm and a final, each worth half of your course-grade (except for Art History graduate students, who are also required to do a paper). Exams will call for the writing of essays, which will consist mainly, though not exclusively, of slide comparison questions; I’ll do my best to “prep” you for them. The final exam will not be cumulative but will cover only material studied since the midterm; please note that the final exam has already been scheduled for Wed., May 7, at 5:30 PM. • READING: The textbook for the course is History of Italian Renaissance Art by Frederick Hartt and David G. Wilkins, (6th edition), an excellent, well-illustrated book that covers far more material than will be treated in this course. We shall be dealing only with material in the second half of the book, starting with Chapter 13 (which begins on p. 325), and only with the sections on painting. No other reading should be necessary for the course, and none will be required. There will be no assignments in the textbook. Use it in any way you wish. You will need it for the illustrations, and I also recommend that you read—and carefully study—the relevant portions of the text, although you will only be tested on class lectures . Note : Feel free to use an earlier edition of the textbook if you have access to a copy. • PAPER: Art History graduate students are required to do a research paper, which we can discuss on an individual basis. No one else is required to write a paper , but anyone seriously interested in doing so should consult me. • ATTENDANCE: According to LSU policy, “Class attendance is the responsibility of the student. The student is expected to attend all classes.” Attendance will not be taken in this class, but please be aware that the substance of the course is in the classroom; you will not do well on exams by relying on the textbook alone or depending on someone else’s notes. • THE SYLLABUS:
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