10/14 - eye are b. Cones in the middle of it i. Color...

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10/14 1. Learned Helplessness a. Seligman and Maier i. Worked with dogs 1. Put them in box a. Randomly shocked dogs in unpredictable manner 2. Put in another box with a bump a. One side they got shock an the other they didn’t b. Gave up and didn’t try to go to other side and just gave up 2. Visual Processes a. Hereditary Visual Processing i. R.L. Fantz 1. Exposed infants to pictures a. 1 normal face i. Infants spent most of their time looking at the normal face b. 1 scrambled face ii. Elenor Gibson 1. Cornell University a. Developed a Visual Cliff i. See picture b. Infants never went to the shallow side c. Infants are born with the ability to perceive depth b. The eye: i. Pupil ii. Iris iii. Lens 1. Changes shape 2. Allows focusing iv. Retina 1. Most important part 2. 2 primary area 3. Fovea a. The part where the receptors for visual processing
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Unformatted text preview: eye are b. Cones in the middle of it i. Color processes ii. Different cones for different wavelengths c. Rods on the ends of it i. Rhodposin 1. Causes bleaching reaction 4. Blind spot v. Optic Nerve c. Subliminal Perception i. Vicary 1. In one movie flashed very lightly and very rapidly a. Hungary: buy popcorn b. Thirsty: drink soda 2. People didnt not see anything a. Soda and popcorn sale went up drastically 3. Subliminal Perception does work but only on a very limited bases 4. Subliminal stimuli can influence your behavior a. It a lot of stimuli competing with it, chances are it wont work 5. Works best on people who usually work on basing stuff on hunches 6....
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10/14 - eye are b. Cones in the middle of it i. Color...

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