12/5 - 12/5 1. Major Forms Of Therapy a. Physiological...

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12/5 1. Major Forms Of Therapy a. Physiological therapies i. Believe that behavior disorders are caused by biological problems ii. Electroconvulsive shock therapy 1. Back in the 1930’s a. Meduna i. Worked with schizophrenic epileptics 1. After seizure, had a beneficial effect  and reversed some of the effects of  schizophrenia 2. Injected patients with large amounts  of insulin to produce seizure 3. Very effective 4. Killed many patients so research  stopped 2. Cerletti and Bini a. Strap patient down  b. Give electric currents to the patients via pads c. Helps those with depression i. Brings them back to normal d. Use it as a last resort i. Drugs don’t work ii. No other form of therapy works iii. Psychosurgery 1. Operations on the brain to cause a change or removal of  behavioral disorders 2. History a. Burchart 1890’s i. 1 st  person to perform operations b. Fulton and Jacobson 1935 i. Operated on the frontal loves of aggressive  chimps 1. Had calming effects c. Claud Moniz i. 1 st  to cut the frontal lobes of those that are  hyper aggressive 1. Lobotomy
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ii. Negative effects 1. Not that effective 2. 4% of those who had the surgery  died 3. Left individuals emotionally flat iv. Drug Therapy 1.  ISSUE #8 2. Tranquilizers
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12/5 - 12/5 1. Major Forms Of Therapy a. Physiological...

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