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Unformatted text preview: Racial and Ethnic Stratification Overview Prejudice and Discrimination The Declining Significance of Race? Exam II Prejudice and Discrimination Prejudice: Negative attitudes toward an entire group of people, often a racial/ethnic minority group Racism: The belief that one race is superior, and all others are innately inferior Prejudice and Discrimination Discrimination: The denial of opportunities and equal rights to individuals and groups Institutional discrimination: Discrimination that is built in to society's institutions Systemic discrimination Prejudice and Discrimination Prejudice and discrimination serve a social function The Functionalist Perspective Provides a moral justification for maintaining an unequal society Discourages the subordinate minority from attempting to question its status Encourages stability and maintenance of the status quo Prejudice and Discrimination The Functionalist Perspective Can produce dysfunctions for society... Fail to utilize the resources of all individuals Can aggravate social problems and disrupt social stability Society must invest great amount of time and money defending barriers to full participation Prejudice and Discrimination The Conflict Perspective Method used by the powerful to maintain power over less powerful groups In economic terms... Maintains pool of cheap labor, by keeping minorities in lower paying jobs Helps restrict the wages of all workers Helps reinforce "false consciousness" Prejudice and Discrimination The Interactionist Perspective Race/ethnicity carry symbolic meanings that shape identities, behaviors, attitudes, etc. of individuals and groups Situational ethnicity Declining Significance of Race? Early periods characterized by overt racial oppression (i.e., slavery, Jim Crowe, etc.) Victories of the Civil Rights Movement broke down many legal barriers William J. Wilson Allowed upward mobility for many blacks, and a growing black middle class Left many others mired in "urban underclass" (i.e., class and spatial disadvantage) Race Matters: American Apartheid History and persistence of racial segregation, particularly its urban form... Perpetuate black disadvantage Perpetuate racial polarization Massey and Denton Social construction of black segregation and urban ghettos a product overt and, more so, institutional discrimination Race/Ethnic Stratification Race and ethnicity are important dimensions of stratification Meanings are socially constructed Story one of both persistence and change In Sum Tuesday, March 27 Exam II Deviance and Crime Social Stratification, including class and poverty Racial and Ethnic Inequality Ch. 7 Ch. 8 Ch. 11 Tuesday, March 27 Exam II The exam will be multiple choice Be sure to bring a small scantron sheet (50 items/side) and a #2 pencil Be there and be on time Study Hard and Good Luck! Remember, No Class Thurs., March 29 ...
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