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Resources international expansion occupational

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Unformatted text preview: effect on many aspects of Had society: society: • • • • • Population growth Expanded consumption of resources International expansion Occupational specialization Shift from subsistence strategies to Shift wage labor wage The Gebusi • Complicate subsistence strategy classifications • Sedentary but semi-nomadic • Horticulture but also foraging and hunting • Semi-domesticated pigs The Gebusi • Sahlins “Original Affluent Society” • Leisure, but question of health The Gebusi • Relationship with the land vs. objective categories, etic classification Economics Economics • Every society has an economic system (norms governing Every economic production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services) • Need not involve cash • All people live with limited means to meet their individual All desires desires • Economic motivation includes many choices: Material Economic well-being (monetary profit), Family connections, Leisure time, Prestige (social status or respect), CULTURE time, • Economics...
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