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System a mixed subsistence strategy several crops may

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Unformatted text preview: uses for a wider market Does system with nonagricultural populations. system • a mixed subsistence strategy - several crops • May involve hunting, fishing, or raising domesticated May animals animals Swidden Cultivation (slash and burn) Swidden • Common in horticultural societies • A form of cultivation in which a field is cleared by felling the form trees and burning the brush trees Agriculture Agriculture • Production of plants using plows, animals and soil Production and water control. and • Associated with: – – – Sedentary villages, the rise of cities Occupational diversity Social stratification • Peasants: Food-producing populations that are Peasants: incorporated politically, economically, and culturally into nation-states (early modern Europe, contemporary Haiti) contemporary Transitions to Industrial Economy Economy • Industrialization:mechanization Industrialization:mechanization of the production (of food and other products) other Transitions to Industrial Economy Economy Had an...
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