Birth Control and Contraceptive Equality

Birth Control and Contraceptive Equality - Birth Control...

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-1Birth Control and Contraceptive Equity: America is a country that prides itself on equality of all its citizens, regardless of race, sex, or nationality. For years, women have battled for this right. They have made numerous gains. In 1840, Elizabeth Blackwell received her M.D. degree from the Medical Institution of Geneva, NY, becoming the first woman to graduate in the US with a medical degree. In 1920, the 19 th Amendment granted women the right to vote. In 1921, Edith Wharton won the Pulitzer Prize for The Age of Innocence , making her the first woman to do so. Despite these gains, women still find themselves lagging behind men in other areas. The wage gap is a startling reminder of the inequalities that still exist in the workplace. “From 1960 to 1990, year-round female workers earned on average between 59 and 70 percent of what male workers earned…In 1993, however, the earnings gap closed to 77 percent, a figure not worth celebrating, but an indication of progress” (Renzetti, Curran 227). By the end of the century, the average woman was making 76 cents to every dollar a man was making. American girls are also facing problems that weren’t issues for earlier generations. They are developing biologically earlier, but not maturing at the same rate. “Although girls are healthier and mature earlier, there has been no parallel acceleration in their emotional and cognitive skills” (Brumberg 5). Even though they have more social choices and personal freedom, by age thirteen 53% of American girls are dissatisfied with their bodies. By age seventeen, 78% are dissatisfied (Brumberg 24). Adolescent girls are concerned with weight issues more than ever before. Dieting has become a mainstream trend that affects millions of women daily.
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According to Brumberg, girls begin monitoring their appetite at age nine or ten. These girls grow up with role models such as Giselle, Madonna, or Nicole Kidman, all of whom are skinny. Celebrity weight loss is met with attention and applause, such as Oprah or Ricki Lake. Americans are reported to spend $30 - 50 billion a year on diet and weight loss programs, products, and pills. It is predicted that $6 billion of this is spent on
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Birth Control and Contraceptive Equality - Birth Control...

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