Dante's INferno Canto 5

Dante's INferno Canto 5 - for punishment The punishment...

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Steve Kaplan Prof. Conti ENCC-102 March 16, 2008 Canto 5 This canto starts off with Dante and Virgil descending into the Second Circle of Hell. Those overcome by lust are sentenced to this circle. They committed sins of the flesh. Minos is the monster that rules this section of Hell. Minos is called the Infernal Judge because he decides which of the lower eight circles that the soul must go. This is where Dante witnesses carnal sinners. They are tossed about in the dark air by the most furious winds. Caina is the place where the sinners are set
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Unformatted text preview: for punishment. The punishment reflects divine justice in that the punishment mirrors the sin on earth. Paolo and Francesca are two specific examples that Dante describes. Paolo and Francesca wanted to be with each other in a sexual manner even though it was forbidden. Now as a punishment in hell, they will be stuck together in the most intimate positions for the rest of eternity. Dante is overcome with pity after hearing the story of Paolo and Francesca. He faints again like he did before....
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