11 sample 2 to analyze the diagram below you

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Unformatted text preview: ice that all of the circles are connected by arrows that are pointing to the right. This should be an indication that the circle on the left leads to the circle on the right. Something in the form of a causeeffect relationship or a logical sequence of events. 12 With this information in mind, answer the accompanying question. The diagram illustrates that in a modern democracy, a key factor in political decision making is the A. B. C. D. role of lobbyists. separation of powers. sovereignty of the electorate. effectiveness of political leaders. 13 The keyed answer is A. This is because the circle that represents lobby groups is not a theoretical part of the normal legislative process which has the people select legislators who in turn make laws. The B answer, is incorrect because the concept of separation of powers only belongs in some legislative process not all of them. The C answer is tempting but incorrect because the term modern means that there should be something new added to the traditional process and the traditional process includes the sovereignty of the electorate. Also if the lobbyists stand betwe...
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