9 which issue or dilemma is represented by the diagram

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Unformatted text preview: C. To what extent should civil liberties be guaranteed by the state? D. Should a parliamentary system be based on responsible government? 10 The keyed answer is C. This is because the left or democratic side of the scale outlines protections for civil liberties and the right or dictatorial side of the scale represents techniques for suppressing civil liberties. The A answer, while having some merit, is incorrect because it does not ask `should' but rather `can' an autocratic state suppress public dissent. Also, one of the boxes refers to secrecy laws that do not directly limit or suppress dissent. The B answer is incorrect because it focuses on too narrow a concept interest groups and not the whole population and The D answer is incorrect because the concepts of parliamentary systems and responsible government would represent a dilemma between various democratic systems and have nothing to do with dictatorial systems. 11 Sample 2. To analyze the diagram below You must determine that there is no title so there will be no help from that area. The concepts in the circles indicate that this is a political diagram. You will not...
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