Schematics that do not have missing pieces are used

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Unformatted text preview: of certain system usually political systems such as the American system with its separation of powers. Some diagrams contain figures that are used to represent theories or sectors of opinions. Usually these come with descriptive captions and do not rely on your memory of shapes and symbols associated with a certain philosophy or system. It is a good idea, however, to know ahead of time that a swastika is a symbol for Nazi Germany, the hammer and sickle are symbols for the USSR, the stars and stripes for the U.S. and the rising sun for Japan. 7. 8. 6 Sample 1. To analyze the diagram below You must look to see if the diagram has a title this is often an indication of the knowledge set you must access. The title here is `A Balancing Act' which indicates that one side of the diagram cancels out the other side. The symbol of the balance beam just confirms what the title tells us. The structure of the right hand side of the scale has a box labeled with a ? the obvious conclusion is that you will be asked to fill in that space. The space you will be asked to fill in will be a choice fr...
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