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Unformatted text preview: en the people and their legislatures then the people are not the ones making the decisions and The D answer is incorrect because there is nothing in the diagram to indicate whether the laws made by legislators are effective or not. 14 Sample 3. To analyze the diagram below You must recognize that this is a complicated quadrant diagram with no title but with the four quadrants labeled with Roman numerals and that each side of the quadrant has a descriptor that indicates what each quadrant represents. For example, quadrant I indicates that that position rejects economic equality but relied on government intervention in the economy. These are characteristics of a fascist economy. Quadrant II represents a desire for economic equality along with government intervention in the economy and this would most likely represent a sot point of view. With this information in mind it is easy to see that each quadrant represents an economic approach or system and quadrant IV would most likely represent a capitalist system that neither supports economic equality nor government intervention in the economy. 15...
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