With this information in mind it is easy to see that

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Unformatted text preview: With this information in mind, answer the accompanying questions. Which quadrant is clearly associated with the idea of the welfare state? A. Quadrant I. B. Quadrant II. C. Quadrant III. D. Quadrant IV. 16 The keyed answer is B. This is because the welfare state is almost synonymous with social democracy which supports both economic equality and government intervention to make that goal happen. The A answer is incorrect because quadrant I does not want economic equality which is the purpose of the welfare state. The C answer is incorrect because there is no actual economic system that calls for economic equality without government intervention. This quadrant was just there to complete the diagram. The D answer is incorrect because quadrant IV is clearly representative of capitalism which is based on limited government intervention and no economic equality and as a result oppose the welfare state concept. 17 In a mixed economy, economic policies favoring privatization, deregulation, and cuts to social programs indicate a movement away from A. Quadrant II and toward Quadrant IV. B. Quadrant II and toward Quadrant III. C. Quadrant III and toward Quadrant IV. D. Quadrant III and toward Quad...
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