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Unformatted text preview: om terms that are part of the same knowledge set that the right scale already contains `internal security forces' and ` emergency power legislation' both of which are characteristics of dictatorships or, at least, of a loss of civil rights. 7 With this information in mind, answer the accompanying questions. Which of the following labels would be most appropriate for the box containing a question mark? A. Pay Equity Legislation. B. Social Security Legislation. C. Interest Group Lobbying Laws. D. Censorship and State Secrecy Laws. 8 The keyed answer is D. This is because censorship and state secrecy laws are the only options that are clearly those of a dictatorship. The A answer is incorrect because pay equity legislation supports the democratic principle of equality. The B answer is incorrect because social security legislation is also a concept that deals with looking after individual right, in this case, the right to economic security and The C answer is incorrect because lobby groups are not allowed in dictatorships because they may represent a form of opposition to the elite. 9 Which issue or dilemma is represented by the diagram? A. Can an autocratic state suppress public dissent? B. How can the state best represent the wishes of interest groups?...
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