Yayoi periods

Yayoi periods - List of Works and Terms (tentative) 2008...

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List of Works and Terms (tentative) Oba AD265, Fall 2008 JÔMON PERIOD (c. 11000-400 BCE) Incipient Jomon, c. 11,000-8000 BCE Initial Jomon c. 8000-5000 Early Jomon c. 5000-2500 Middle Jomon c. 2500-1500 Late Jomon c. 1500-1000 Final Jomon c. 1000-400 BCE Mesolithic period (New stone age) -change from hunter/gather society (nomadic) to more civilized communities -jomon, still hunting/gathering, not all agricultural/farming -final jomon-became civilized Ceramics first used, more refined stone -Japan is the earliest known place to create ceramics and pottery Initial Jômon vessel , c. 8000-5000 BCE. Clay. [2] Jomon= cord patterns -rope used, natural colors (earthy-strong), un-glazed, hand- formed/unevenness, unsymmetrical-creating life and movement -[2]—shoved into ground or fire usage, narrow bottom/shape indicator, very small (6.5 inches tall) used to boil food? -cord marking: function for grip, design significance- abstract pattern -Edward Morse (1838-1935) American scholar, found these in his exhibition, termed “Jomon” -from Early Jomon vase, has a base, additional designs-more complex: artistic intentions instead of function Reconstruction of Early Jômon Pit house , c. 5000-2500 BCE. [4] Middle Jômon vessel , c. 2500-2400 BCE. Clay. [7] Middle Jomon vessel: flame, much more artistic/decorative, irregular patterns, built up additional elements, sculptural, living creature? Still unpainted, unglazed; natural color and hand-built is emphasized;
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Yayoi periods - List of Works and Terms (tentative) 2008...

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