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PBio Final Review OPEC (Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries) – produces 40% of world’s oil. They regulate the supply and price. In 1973 OPEC cut the world’s supply of oil and it doubled energy prices NAFTA – North American Free Trade Agreement (1993) free trade across the borders, no tariffs, quotas, taxes, etc. Agragarian society- most people live as farmers, most labor is done by draft animals, large families with kids doing most of the labor. Subsistence farming- growing enough to live but little to sell 1950- less than 10% of US are farmers, today it is less than 2% Farm families are moving to the cities for better jobs, insurance, education, etc. America has the cheapest food in the world as a % of our income. We can have such cheap food with so few farmers because mechanization, fertilizers, irrigation, etc. The population growth in the 1950s was greater than the food supply in the developing world. The Population Bomb - a book that wanted to raise awareness (nuclear weapons were popular so they used the word bomb) Famine leads to civil unrest which leads to communism Ford and Rockefeller foundations hire and fund research by Norman Borlaug with a research station in Mexico. Microloans- $10 for people to start businesses in developing countries Potato leaves are poisonous. Large scale growers use nerve toxins to kill anything with a nervous system on large farms. The Bt toxin only kills a few types of beetles and doesn’t hurt any other life forms. Bacteria is used by organic growers only, not large scale. If you get the toxin actually into the plant’s DNA you can get the plant to naturally produce the toxin. The toxin is killed by UV light, if it is IN the plant, UV light can’t get to it. These are genetically engineered plants. The beetles will eventually develop a resistance to the toxin. The current insecticide is based on
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PBio FINAL STUDY GUIDE - PBio Final Review OPEC...

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