Week 1 - TakeNote AEM 320 Week 1 Lecture date Monday...

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TakeNote AEM 320: Week 1 Lecture date : Monday, August 28 2006 Announcements : Reading for Wednesday, text 1-36, Cases and Materials 1-7 Reading over next 3 weeks: text 1-61; 115-156, Cases and Materials 1-31 I. Paper Assignments A. Requires research beyond given reading 1. Use Westlaw Campus on-line data B. May complete with a partner 1. Partnership form is available in course packet. 2. Cannot change partners after first paper. 3. Partnership is completely voluntary and can be dissolved with prior notice to Professor Grossman and to your partner. 4. Papers written with a partner are not held to a higher standard than those written without a partner. C. Extensions rarely granted so plan accordingly II. Graded Work A. Contracts Assignment – 20% B. Midterm Exam – 30% 1. October 24 7:30-9:30 pm C. Property Assignment – 20% 1. Handed out Nov. 1, due Nov 16 D. Final Exam – 30% 1. Wednesday, Dec. 13 th 2-4:30 pm III. Exams A. Midterm will cover material through Oct. 23 1. Midterm is scheduled for Oct. 24 th from 7:30-9:30 p.m. B. There is no scheduled midterm makeup exam 1. Email dag14 if you know of a conflict. C. Note the University final exam makeup policy D. Open book exams but NO TAKENOTE 1. If you wish to retype the Takenote and bring it to the exam, it is acceptable, but no original Takenote materials on red paper. E. Final exam is NOT cumulative 1. Final Exam is scheduled for Dec. 13 from 2-4:30 p.m. IV. Texts and Readings A. Required: text book and course packet B. Optional/Suggested: West’s Handbook of Basic Law Terms V. Reading Assignment
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VI. Teaching assistants A. TA Office Hours 1. Sunday through Thursday in the Law School Atrium from 7:30-8:30 p.m. 2. The TAs for this class will only be available during office hours. 3. NO weekend office hours 4. Sign up outside 205 Warren or email dag14 by noon if you wish to meet with a TA for office hours. VII. Academic Integrity A. Exams 1. The exams will be open book/open notes. 2. NO collaboration of any kind during the exam itself. B. Paper Assignments 1. You may work with one partner: one paper submitted with both names on the assignment. 2. You may NOT discuss anything related to the assignment with any other student OTHER than your Partner. C. Breaching of Academic Integrity 1. Any student found guilty of a breach in academic integrity results in failure of the course. VIII. Purpose of the Course A. Raise Awareness 1. Think through legal and ethical issues you may face in the future. 2. Prepare you to handle simple issues yourself. 3.
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Week 1 - TakeNote AEM 320 Week 1 Lecture date Monday...

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