2Nara - List of Works and Terms (tentative) 2008 Oba AD265,...

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List of Works and Terms (tentative) Oba AD265, Winter 2008 NARA PERIOD (710-794) II (8 th century) Art and Architecture from Tôdaiji (continued) Clay and dry lacquer were preferred over wood in this period Shitennô (Four Guardian Kings: Tamonten, Kômokuten, Jikokuten, Zôchôten ), in the Kaidanin (Ordination Hall), c. 750. Clay with remains of paint. [111-114] Represents the four corners (N, S, E, W) / placed at the corners of the building Sumeru (Shumisen): central world-mountain in Buddhist cosmology -sanscript name is sumeru; Japanese is shumisen -mountain is separating heaven and earth (not physically there in reality) Style: can sense the strength due to detail, S-curve (often seen in ancient greek, idealized sculptures), organic, naturalistically proportioned body size, variety of dynamic poses (creates 3D space and more volume) REALISM and expressions go beyond that realism Each has own posture and facial expression/individualized Stand atop demons/Buddhist enemies Wearing Chinese armor Tamonten = leader of the group, ruler and protector of the NORTH Holding Buddhist reliquary Komokuten = teacher of buddhist principles, WEST holds a brush in right hand, scroll in left hand Jikokuten = EAST Holds long sword Zochoten = SOUTH (most expressive/furious face) Holds a lance *Most “Chinese” period—long standing tradition to make individualization and realistic
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This note was uploaded on 04/07/2008 for the course AD 265 taught by Professor Oba during the Winter '08 term at N. Michigan.

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2Nara - List of Works and Terms (tentative) 2008 Oba AD265,...

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