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middle heian

middle heian - List of Works and Terms(tentative 2008 Oba...

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List of Works and Terms (tentative) Oba AD265, Winter 2008 EARLY HEIAN PERIOD (794-c. 951) *political/cultural changes—classical Japanese originated much from this period (literature, etc.) Rich, elegant, aristocratic lifestyle Tokyo=kyoto in the east-present day capital plan of Heian-kyô [125] (c 794-1868 was capital of Japan) very square/grid-like, strictly symmetrical temples placed as far away from capital buildings while still in the boundaries Emperor Kanmu (reigned 781-806) In c 794. This emperor moved the capital to Heian-kyo, present day Kyoto (west japan) reason=In Nara, as Buddhism penetrated higher levels, the priests were gaining more power and getting involved in the politics-he didn’t like that dominance Esoteric Buddhism (MIKKYO) Used to create and organize system to government and authority --something hidden/secret (mikkyo= secret teaching) originated in India-peaked around 7 th century, in Tang dynasty popular though toward the end become less influential, revival of confucism and doaism still practiced in Japan today (and in Tibet) priest Kûkai, Shingon sect genius type, strong-intuitive sensibility/went to China by “private” means focused on esoteric Buddhism, Japanese version of truly Esoteric Buddhism priest Saichô, Tendai sect intellectual priest, emperor liked him/sent him to China to study Buddhism farther liked to learn everything and synthesize every aspect, synthetic Buddhist idea with focus on the writings of Buddha --Basic idea is the Buddha possess 2 different aspects, 2 different bodies (1. Physical/phenomenal body 2. Spiritual/transcendental body, absolute) --not dualistic idea though, not separate entities-they are one and related to each other different manifestations of the same principle --Macro cosmos/Micro cosmos --about Buddha’s secret, and find it out through rituals and practices of meditation (but he’s not hiding it, waiting) anyone can reach nirvana as long as you practice the religion (became pop w/common people) Kukai taught. PAINTING Taizôkai (Womb World) and Kongôkai (Diamond World) of Ryôkai Mandara , Tôji (Kyôôgokokuji), Kyoto [149], c. 850-900. Hanging scroll, color on silk. [152-3, cf. 151] Dainichi Nyorai created by Kukai? Ryokai=both worlds Mandara=circle
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List of Works and Terms (tentative) Oba AD265, Winter 2008 Geometric overall (squares and circles) Flat, decorative, not pure abstraction Objects of meditation & ritual practice within temple/face each other on opp. walls
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middle heian - List of Works and Terms(tentative 2008 Oba...

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