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The body procedures and tasks involved in a system of

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Unformatted text preview: acy: A body of administrative officials, and the body procedures and tasks involved in a system of administration tasks – Administrative duties are atomized – Decisions made according to rules, not judgment Decisions rules, not – Bureaucrats are exacting, impersonal Bureaucrats – Promotion is based on merit Promotion is – Provides a hierarchical authority structure Provides hierarchical Some Some consequences • Increased efficiency and speed of social action Increased of • Meritocracy, social leveling • Greater emphasis on education, credentialism • Subordination of emotion, tradition, and spirituality to rationality Subordination and calculation – Rationalized society constitutes an “iron cage” or a “shell as hard Rationalized as steel” that we can’t escape – Creates a society that feels like “the polar night of icy darkness” Creates “the “Government “Government Bureau,” by George Tooker (1956)...
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