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Exam (3) Study Guide

To maintain order childs psyche divides and fragments

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Unformatted text preview: ion of abusive relational patterns b) Identification with the aggressor c) Self ­blame d) Seeking object contact through sexual/violent means e) **These factors are defenses against “annihilation anxiety” f) **Child trauma survivor “runs from and back into” annihilation anxiety through repetition of relational patterns 9) Ferenczi’s “confusion of tongues” a) “confusion of tongues” = whatever children are given, is what they label as “love” b) Child responds to sexual abuse by identifying with the aggressor. To maintain order child’s psyche divides and fragments, each fragments behaves as its own. c) Etiology of DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder), abused child doesn’t know what self ­protection is d) Child comes to believe he must “speak” the language of passion the aggressor demands in order to get the “love” the child needs. e) Child is given sexual HATE, not sexual LOVE. Assume abuse was their fault = Self ­blame 10)Abusive relationship patterns a) Constantly inviting rejection and punishment in skillful and provocative ways b) Cant have relationship with the view of: one person is victimizer other is a victim. 11)Perverse object contact a) cruel paradox: the desire to love and be loved causes violence and perversion b) Sexual abuse is so damaging to children because they then believe that love destroys. c) Example of “confusion of tongues” 12)Possession a) Absence of a conflict ­free self b) The abused: fears being abused again but also fears becoming the abuser and hurting others c) Cant live life as a victim = weak/powerless, also cant live life as a perpetrator = deserves all punishments d) Dilemma: either I am bad or I am nothing 13)Treatment Issues a) Must actively i...
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