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B idealized self a false self that gives a person a

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Unformatted text preview: the better. d) 2 human goals: (driven by archetypes) i) Natural Aim = begetting children, protecting the brood, and involves acquisition of money and social position. ii) Cultural Aim = we then figure out something about how we give back to the community and how we really develop wisdom. Karen Horney 1) Real Self (innate) 2) “Goodness ­of ­fit” 3) Favorable conditions for growth a) Security, warmth, inner freedom to have own thoughts/feelings, being allowed to express thoughts/feelings, meeting others, guidance and limits. b) When you have these things you develop in a healthy way. 4) Different views of males and females (as opposed to Freudian thinking) a) Females: Girls don’t have penis envy; they like their vaginas. Girls don’t change love from mother to father. b) Oedipus/Electra complexes are wrong c) Children are naturally interested in the opposite sex’s genitals but do not desire them in neurotic ways. 5) Basic anxiety a) Caused by a child’s need for security not being fulfilled. b) (def) Feeling isolated and helpless in a world that is perceived as hostile 6) 3 ways of dealing with the “world” 7) Flexibility vs. Rigidity 8) Idealized self vs. Real Self a) Real Self = innate, the person that you normally are. b) Idealized self = a false self that gives a person a sense of security at the price of the real self. Person tries to actualize the idealized self. 9) Comprehensive Neurotic Solution (3 types) a) Need for perfection = obvious b) Neurotic Ambition = being a work ­a ­holic and forgetting what you work for…your family. c) Vindictive Triumph = revenge Nancy Chodorow 1) Different socialization of males and females 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) a) Males and females start out the same b) Males disconnect early, females disconnect at adolescence i) At around age 2, boys get pushed away from mother “you’re a big boy...
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