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Unformatted text preview: acy a) thoughts, feelings, physical closeness, spirituality, sexuality 2) Different socialization and “deformities” 3) Patriarchy a) Our culture 4) 2 types of people love a) Love Addicts (enmeshed) vs. Love Avoiders (neither is true intimacy) i) Love addicts use relationships like a drug ii) Love avoiders are the people you start a relationship with, but the moment you tell the person you love them, they leave. iii) True intimacy means you have to tolerate some level of space between both spouses. 5) Harmony/disharmony/repair a) 3 levels of “daily related”  ­ ness 6) Traditional Couples Therapy a) Not effective due to issues of “neutrality” b) Traditional approach helped more “functional” couples but may have done a disservice to more disturbed couples c) Need to redefine effective couples therapy 7) Terry’s Treatment approach a) “soul of blunt” = you need to talk about what is going on. If you don’t know what the problem is and your not going to talk about it, then nothing will come from therapy. 8) Pre ­conditions for intimacy (couples work not possible w/o these in place) a) Manage psychiatric disorders b) No acting out (safety) c) No substance abuse 9) 3 stages of...
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