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C shadow i the opposite of persona ii your undesirable

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Unformatted text preview: toned issues. i) EX: Mother complex = boyfriend needs girlfriend to be there as mother and girlfriend. Males mother under or over gratified. 10)Collective Unconscious (phylogenic) a) The things that drive you to seek wholeness are in the collective unconscious i) EX: rights of passage and transitions b) Memories of ancestral past, archetypes 11)Archetypes & functions a) Archetypes = predispositions to thoughts and forms i) EX: birth, god, death, hero, earth, mother, rebirth, power, old wise man, demon b) These become experiences once there is external stimuli c) Archetypes show us that we are souls searching for the meaning of our experience 12)Major and minor archetypes a) Self *most important i) Psychic organ of adaptation allows infant to adapt to reality ii) Seeks its own fulfillment with the goal of wholeness iii) EX: old wise men Yoda/Jesus b) Persona i) The persona allows for adaptation to society and connection to social world ii) Advertises to people how we want to be seen and reacted too. c) Shadow i) The opposite of persona ii) Your undesirable qualities, your ID, your other side. iii) Stays dynamically active, makes you feel guilty. d) Anima/Animus i) Masculine/Feminine qualities in each of us ii) Anima is the yin, the feminine, receptive, unconscious iii) Animus is the yang, the masculine, driving energy, penetrating, aggression, and differentiation. 13)Therapy Approach a) Archetypes are inherited instinctual impulses b) Didn’t believe in “Tabula Rasa” and genetic psychological inheritance c) Diagram: i) First & Second Quadrant = Biological/Social ii) Third & Fourth Quadrant = Cultural/Spiritual (1) Elders are giving back to community iii) Every transition is a time of crisis, crisis are opportunities to change something for...
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