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Ii problem is its hard for kids to establish trust

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Unformatted text preview: : (1) Establish trust w/ child, then you find ways to discuss memories. Then you help the kids express these feelings. You also counteract the kids sense of responsibility and shame, then if possible you confront the abuser. ii) Problem is its hard for kids to establish trust after being sexually abused. (1) You have to tailor the therapy yourself (2) The above treatment plan is for kids with more order in their lives. This is well beyond their level of psychological organization  ­ they can’t even establish trust. 2) role of annihilation anxiety 3) 4 traumogenic factors: TRAUMA CAUSING (Finkelhor & Browne 1985) a) Traumatic sexualization i) EX: raping of a child b) Betrayal c) Powerlessness d) Stigmatization i) The kid knows something happened to them, they just don’t have the words for it. e) **All these cause damage to the child: alters views of relationships, self & others a.k.a object relations units. 4) Identification with aggressor *most important treatment issue* a) Why? As a defense against internal feelings of fear or weakness b) By identifying with the aggressor the child recognizes the s/he “choose” to be “bad” c) Child “turns against the self”, having an unshakable conviction of being the cause of the abuse, deserving of the abuse, and being bad. 5) Self ­blame a) Child believes that s/he causes rejection/aggression from adults. Believes that who s/he is, as a person, is enough to cause abandonment/cruelty from adults. b) EX: Seen in children who’s parents are getting divorced and the parents don’t tell the kids why. 6) Zeanah & Zeanah’s model of relationship (ATTACHED) 7) Bion’s “attacks on linking” 8) 4 pivotal factors (result of trauma) a) Repetit...
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