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Ii these people have selfchosen ethical principles 3

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Unformatted text preview: now” ii) Girls do not go through this rejection Process of socialization “infantile dependence” a) (def) dependant on mother 4 “aspects” of masculinity a) masculinity remains a problem for boys i) boys are always judged on how masculine they are b) denial of attachment in relationships i) males boomerang storm off then come back c) repression of anything feminine within self i) if a man is not masculine enough he is called a “sissy, whimp, pussy, fag, etc..” d) devaluing femininity “Schizophrenigenic” mother a) the kind of mother that causes child to be crazy. How women are psychologically different a) More flexible ego boundaries b) Less individuated (vale on ­going affiliation) c) Less need for competition, power d) Value “relatedness” Carol Gilligan 1) Moral Reasoning 2) Kohlberg’s 6 stages of Moral Development (from low to high) a) Deference to Authority i) Fear of doing the wrong thing, following the rules. b) Reward Orientation i) Person conforms to obtain rewards, looks to have favors returned ii) Fairness as in, “I got mine” or an eye for an eye. c) Concern for others i) Seeking the approval of people ii) Kohlberg said women are HERE d) Doing One’s Duty i) Involves upholding laws/rules of authority, do the right thing. ii) Kohlberg said men are HERE e) Social Contract Orientation i) Real fairness based on societal principles ii) These people experience a great deal of inner conflict f) Universal Ethical Principle i) Not based on societies standards, but based on self ­reasoning. ii) These people have self ­chosen ethical principles. 3) What Gilligan discovered a) Discovered error in Kohlberg’s study studied only men. b) Men and women share level 3 4) Gilligan’s views of Moral Development 5) Connection to Chodorow Terrence Real 1) 5 levels of Intim...
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