18th Century - Amanda Mikhail Dr. Rockefeller Hist Mdrn...

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Amanda Mikhail Dr. Rockefeller Hist Mdrn Western Civ. November 8, 2007 The Age of the Enlightenment best describes the time period from 1688-1815 in that it encompasses all other aspects of the 18 th century such as, reason, science and revolution. Reason, a rational approach to thought, is one of the most important fractions of the enlightenment. It was exemplified through great philosophes, leaders and new religions. The importance of science, or belief in natural law, was illustrated through John Locke and Isaac Newton. Revolution was extremely prominent, the most well-known being the French Revolution of 1789. Great thinkers, such as Jean-Jacques Rousseau, redefined the causes of revolution. Each individual ideal, alone, cannot define the 18 th century. In fact, each great thinker and each great movement was made up of more than one enlightened characteristic. When put together, each principle helps to build the larger Age of Enlightenment. French philosophes, such as Montesquieu, Voltaire, and Diderot, were made famous through their use of reason as applied to different changing aspects of the enlightenment. Montesquieu combined reason and science in The Spirit of the Laws in order to contribute to political thought. He used the scientific method, a method formed by reason and rational thinking, in order to conclude the appropriate type of government for a certain people. Voltaire and Diderot embodied skepticism, or growing secularization, of the enlightenment. Diderot supported religious toleration, expressed in his Encyclopedia , a great work, epitomizing reason as the most practical approach to life.
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In his Deist views, Voltaire, like Montesquieu, combined science and reason. Reason said that the universe was created by God in absolute perfection and therefore could run on its own. Science said that this was possible because the universe is nothing but a machine
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18th Century - Amanda Mikhail Dr. Rockefeller Hist Mdrn...

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