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Lecture 5 (Week 2 Wednesday) J anuary 16, 2008 Ted Koppel: Breaking Point - California State Prison: Solano (Vacaville, CA) - “warehousing” prisoners H dorm - System is overloaded and understaffed - 1994 California voters doubled the inmate population for time served with a second crime committed - Three crimes and you get a mandatory 25 year sentence (three strikes and you’re out) - If you want a good night’s sleep in prison you need someone of the same race looking out for you while you sleep - Order is largely administered by the inmates, prison is ruled by drama and politics - 4 times as many inmates than 25 years ago - We have more inmates in prison than any other country - Check affiliation first keep members together, provide protection for inmates, identify them - Solano was supposed to be a model of efficiency work, exercise, turn lives around - Day after day, 20 to 30 more inmates are moved in than those that are moved out in the morning - 12 out of 100 prisoners are in vocational classes
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