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Sociology essay 3
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Nataly Mejia November 27, 2012 Soc & 101 Essay 3 List of ten provisions of the Affordable Care Act: Coverage of Children to Age 26- This provision requires group health plans and insurers that offer health insurance for dependent children to make coverage available for children (married or unmarried) until age 26. Individual Mandate- All individuals will be required to have health insurance, with some exceptions, beginning in 2014. Those who do not will pay a fine of $695 per person. Automatic Enrollment Summary- Employers with more than 200 full- time employees and who offer health coverage to automatically enroll and continue new full-time employees in one of its health benefit plans. Pre-Existing Condition Exclusions- Children under age 19 cannot be denied coverage because of a medical condition that already exists Preventive Health Services- requires group health plans and health insurers to cover preventive health services without co-pay, coinsurance, deductibles or other cost-sharing when delivered by a network provider. Appeals & External Reviews- requires group health plans and health insurers to have an
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