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Project 8: Final Amanda Jacobson Kaplan University
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HS111- __ (section #) Medical Terminology Professor Terry Bond Due Date HS111 Medical Terminology Project 8-CLA Directions: In this final project you will complete two parts that will use the same scenario which are (3) medical reports of a patient. Follow the instructions and review the (3) medical records below. When you are complete, submit your work to the Dropbox . In Part 1of 2 Final Project: Below you will find a medical scenario that includes (3) medical records to read and a medical word chart.  Please identify 15 medical terms that would be unfamiliar to a layman or non-medical person and place these terms in the chart below. Analyze Medical Terms by the Prefix, Word Roots, and Suffixes Provide the Singular and Plural Form of each Medical Term Provide a Short Definition of the Medical Term (1) Technical (2) Layman Provide Word Building from the Word Root found in the First Column lary/nx Larynx (s) 1. The larynx is the Laryngitis
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Larynges (p) organ of voice that is part of the upper air passage connecting to the pharynx. 2. The voice box Laryngectomy Laryngotracheobronchitis Parkinson Disease Parkinson Disease 1. A slowly progressive degenerative neurology disorder 2. A disease that causes tremors and shuffling walk. Parkinson Disease fungus Fungus (s) Fungi (p) 1. A eukaryotic, thallus- forming organism that feeds by absorbing organism molecules from its surroundings. 2. Ringworm and athlete’s foot is caused by fungus Fungicide Fungistatic Fungal septicemia Chart Example Only: A B C D For each identified term: a. In the first column; identify the prefix, suffix and word root where appropriate.
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b. Please provide a singular and plural form for the selected medical terms, if the term changes form. Example:
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