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Ams 107 franklin film

Ams 107 franklin film - Charlie Domnisch AMS 107 Ben...

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Charlie Domnisch AMS 107 Ben Franklin Film Review In the movie, Benjamin Franklin , the prominent American is portrayed in a number of aspects. First of all he is an outcast of colonial society. He didn’t come from a wealthy family and eventually was a runaway in colonial Pennsylvania. However, in a short time Ben Franklin became a wealthy man in the colonies. Franklin was a genius and had a knack for scientific study. He contributed to the founding of libraries, hospitals, and colleges. Franklin could also be viewed as a revolutionary. In the beginning, Franklin worked as a mediator between the Americans and the British. However, it became increasingly difficult to fulfill this role on both fronts. Franklin then became a supporter of the American side and a major player in the call for independence. Because he was so well known, Franklin was sent to France as a diplomat for the colonies. He had the almost impossible job of convincing the French to ally with the colonies and take down the British Empire.
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