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Jessica Amundson CSCL 1921- Introduction to Film Studies Nicholas DeVilliers Paper 1 Difficulties of Bringing Up Baby After reading the article by Richard B Jewell, How Howard Hawks Brought Baby Up: an Apologia For The Studio System, it is easy to tell how different the studio system use to be in the 1930’s. In the beginning of this article there is a quote from Lewis Jacobs, where he compares Hollywood’s major studios to an “assembly line.” When I read this quote it gave me the feeling that the studios weren’t very creative or differing at all during this time. Jewell states that studios were “bureaucratic, impersonal, conservative, rigidly structured, and antagonistic to technical innovation and artistic achievement.” (Jewell 40) All of these describing words give a good sense of how the studios were but it never tells why the studios are this way, which would definitely help the article be more informational. The article goes on to talk by studying production histories. This helps you understand how the studios essentially functioned around that time. The producers did show their styles even under the strict pressures of the studios. The example that Jewell used was the movie Bringing Up Baby , directed by Howard Hawks. Howard Hawks, along with others, became a part of Samuel Briskin’s team for RKO studios. Samuel Briskin was newly in charge of production at RKO studios. RKO had issues finding actors for the first film they were considering doing,
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FILMpaper1 - Jessica Amundson CSCL 1921- Introduction to...

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