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Crash essay anomynous - Comm 201"Crash 11 March 2008 The...

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Comm. 201 “Crash” 11 March 2008 The Mass Media Affects Our Assumptions We as humans judge each other, whether it is by race, class, or gender, and as much as we do not like to admit this fact, it is true. It is the way our brain functions, and although we all judge people, it is the way we react to this judgment that makes us who we are, and leads the way for who we become in the future. The movie “Crash” is a perfect example of lifestyles, cultures, and social systems based on race, class, and gender. All of the characters in the movie have their flaws and each of them judge another person before even getting to know them. The characters in the movie look at each other and the first thing that they think about is what they have seen in the media about that person’s race, class, or gender. “Crash” follows five different story lines, each pertaining to a different issue of profiling, judging, or assuming things about certain people. The stories include: a racist cop that believes every African-American person is responsible for his father’s problems, a politician and his wife who are white upper class both encounter problems trusting and getting along with people of different races, two African-American car thieves who feel like they are discriminated everywhere they go, a Persian family and their struggles living in racist America, and a Mexican locksmith that is just trying to do his job to support his family. Some of these stories intertwine and the characters interact differently with one another based on race, class, and gender. These judgments are implanted in our heads at a young age through advertisements and media, and this is proven true by numerous mass communication theories. These theories include
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the magic bullet theory, the two-step flow theory, and the dissonance theory. Each of these theories explains why the characters in the movie act the way they do. When watching a movie, people often overlook the advertisements that are right in front of their faces. Sometimes these advertisements help explain the plot of the film, although often they are just added for financial purposes without any significant connection to the storyline. “Crash” is no exception, in that while watching the film it was clear that it was plastered with subtle advertisements for consumer products. On the other hand there is a lot of blatant advertising in the film that is often used
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Crash essay anomynous - Comm 201"Crash 11 March 2008 The...

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