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Health Review Sheet 1 anonymous - HE 250 Review for Midterm...

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HE 250 Review for Midterm Ch. 1 – Health and Wellness 1. Health is defined as the absence of disease, whereas wellness is the ability to live life to its fullest. Things that define health include: genetics, lifestyle, environment, and access to medical care. Things that influence wellness: predisposition, genetics + environment, decisions, lifestyle, behavior, beliefs 2. Dimensions of Wellness 1. physical – diet/lifestyle 2. emotional – self esteem/ explore thoughts and feelings 3. intellectual – open to ideas/ ability to think critically 4. spiritual – guiding beliefs, capacity to love 5. social – good relationships w/ friends/family 6. environmental – toxins, food, air 3. Life Expectancy has risen from 47 to 77 since 1900 because of safer workplaces, recognition of tobacco as a health hazard, fluoridation of drinking water, control of infectious disease, vaccinations for childhood diseases 4. chronic disease – develops and becomes worse over time, such as heart disease 5. Healthy People 2010 main goals: 1. Increase quality and years of life 2. Eliminate health disparities among Americans 6. Factors that influence wellness: 1. stress levels 2. exercise 3. diet 4. family history/genetics 5. environment 6. access to health care 7. People are at a higher risk for poor health and/or chronic disease who live in poor environments, don’t have sufficient income for health care, bad genetics, and who practice unsafe sex practices. 8. The influence of education and income in wellness is that people that aren’t educated are more likely to practice unsafe sex and not know about diseases that could affect them, and people with lower income might not be able to afford health care or checkups with a doctor. 9. Transtheoretical Model of Behavior Change 1. Precontemplation 2. contemplation 3. preparation 4. action 5. maintenance Example: Recognizing that you are overweight (precontemplation), Recognize/Identify certain patterns such as diet and exercise (contemplation), set realistic + specific goals such as how much weight to lose (preparation), devise a plan of action such as running a mile a day (action), sign personal contract (maintenance) Ch. 5 and 8 -- Review for Sexuality and Pregnancy 1. ovulation – ovum is released due to estrodiol present which creates large doses of LH and small amounts of FSH a. Sperm Production – testis, epididymis, vas deferens, prostate, seminal vesicle
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Health Review Sheet 1 anonymous - HE 250 Review for Midterm...

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