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alpha_dog criminology essay - CCJ 231 5 March 2008 Crime...

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CCJ 231 5 March 2008 Crime Theories in “Alpha Dog” In the movie “Alpha Dog,” a series of unfortunate events causes a group of young men to do something that would change their lives forever. As 15 year old Zach Mazurski is walking down a southern California street near his home after an argument with his parents, a drug dealer by the name of Johnny Truelove is fuming over Zach’s older brother not paying him the money he owes him. Coincidentally, Truelove and two of his friends, Frankie and James, happen to be driving on the same street Zach is walking. Recognizing him, the three jump out of their white van and forcefully pull Zach into the van. As Truelove thinks about what to do with his new hostage, Zach enjoys himself with Truelove’s friends as he smokes marijuana, drinks beer, and gets hit on by older girls. Meanwhile, the Mazurki parents are worried sick back at home and have police on the search for their son. Frankie is left in charge of the kid by Truelove, and numerous times gives Zach the option of just walking away. However, Zach is having the time of his life with the older, partying criminals. He would rather hang out with
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This essay was uploaded on 04/07/2008 for the course CCJ 231 taught by Professor Villaescusa during the Winter '08 term at Southern Oregon.

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alpha_dog criminology essay - CCJ 231 5 March 2008 Crime...

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