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Unformatted text preview: op plate produces plate produces da 'field poK/2 of(aiming )] ~. forthe page, for points above bottom {X8Fz(x',y,z) into [points above it, and into ( page, ) From Ex. 5.8, below). The d a field poK/2 (aiming [out the [F( 0, y, of points below). The below). Aboveproduces x ]field platesFy(aiming fields cancel; y, zfor- points plates = page, z - page, for points bottom plate 8z below both poK/2 the twoz into the (page, 8y x - Jo x, y, y + Fz x, between the above 0 z. it, and outfor theJo and the X a x + 0+ theyand out of the page, for points below). Above and below both plates the two fields cancel; between the plates it, add up to poK, pointing in. But V. F = 0, so the x term is in. + they add up to poK, pointing [Fx(O,y,Z) lx 8Fx~~:y,z) dX'] = Fx(O,y,z) + Fx(x,y,z) - Fx(O,y,z), (a) B = poO'V so V x W = F. ,( (in) betweem the plates, I B = 0 elsewhere. (b) The Lorentz 8Wy law says F plates, B = 0 so the force per unit force 8Wz K x B. Here K '-t. (TV, = (a) x.8Fz(x',y,z) d ' 8Wx ..., WB = poO'V (in) betweem the = J(K x-B) da,elsewhere. Y8Fx(0,y',z)area is f =X8Fy(x',y,z) 0 dY' d x I O, v' The -+-+x+ 95 (b) = Lorentz 8y force law = + J(K x- 8y unit (TV, 8x B (the field8z s...
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