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Tatyana Fadeeva APOL 104 4/23/2013 Critical Thinking Assignment Part I Buddhism Question of Origin Of the three prominent worldviews, Buddhists are Pantheists; they have no personal God or deity. Instead, they believe that God and the Universe are one (Weider and Gutierrez). They also believe the world has no beginning (Things are created repeatedly through time), middle, and end. Buddhism was split from Hinduism because of the disagreements about the roots and goals (Carner and Hindson). Question of Identity Most Buddhists believe once the physical body is gone so should the mind. Buddhists believe after the physical body leaves, the mind stays. The Buddhists aim to have the mind leave along with the body. They believe they are not separate minds/beings. Question of Meaning/Purpose It is not as important to have a purpose of being on Earth as it is to escape to attain Nirvana. They rely on Buddha’s Four Truths: Suffering is life, desires cause suffering, to stop suffering, you must first stop desire, stop desire with the Eightfold Path (Carner and Hindson). Question of Morality
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