LIN 200 Week 3 day 2 - AAVE

Morphosyntax e negave inversion didnt nobody

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Unformatted text preview: /s/ the plural marker is [@z] AAVE morphosyntax •  A) habitual be •  B) stressed BIN •  C) Done •  D) mul>ple nega>on •  E) nega>ve inversion •  F) indirect embedded yes/no ques>ons •  G) third person verbal  ­s absence •  H) copula absence morphosyntax (A) habitual ‘be’ Unconjugated or invariant use of the verb be to imply repeated or habitual ac9on. She be running (means ‘regularly’) (NB: ≠ She is running; She Ø running.) •  She be workin ≠ She is working. (She is always/usually working) •  They be buyin my records. ≠ They are buying records (They are always/con>nually/regularly buying my records). •  morphosyntax (B) remote past BIN BIN is a verbal marker that indicates some ac9vity or state that happened in the remote past. BIN must be stressed in the sentence to have this meaning. •  Bruce BIN ran (means ‘a long >me ago’) •  Bruce BIN prac9cing for an hour (means ‘in 1 hr periods’ ≠ ‘has been prac>cing for an hour’) •  *Bruce BIN ran two hours ago. morphosyntax (B) remote past BIN The verb form matters: –  I BIN bought her clothes means I bought her clothes a long time ago. –  I BIN buyin her clothes means I’ve been buying her clothes for a long time. indicating the buying is continuing into the present. This is because buyin is in the present participle (– ing) form. morphosyntax (C) Completed Ac(vity done Indicates an ac9vity that has already been completed. •  He done read that book. (He already read that book) morphosyntax (D) Mul(ple nega(on •  Didn’t nobody ask me do I be late for class. (Nobody asked me if I am usually late for class.) This sentence has two nega>ve items (di...
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