LIN 200 Week 3 day 2 - AAVE

Standard ccr rule plural rule ipa test

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Unformatted text preview: ts but are used especially frequently or in more linguis>c environments in AAVE: –  Interdental frica>ves (th) > /d/, /f/ –  Consonant cluster reduc>on Interdental frica>ves consonant cluster reduc>on •  The dele>on of the second consonant in consonant clusters that occur at the end a syllable or word. •  A consonant cluster consists of two consecu>ve consonants like st, nd, =, ld, pt, kt (as in act). test > tes desk > des hand > han consonant cluster reduc>on •  The rule: –  In spoken English, the second consonant in a consonant cluster is more likely to be reduced (deleted) if the following segment is a consonant and more likely to be retained if the following segment is a vowel. (test me vs. test anxiety) –  AAVE speakers may also reduce consonant clusters when the following segment is a vowel, whereas MUSE speakers usually don’t reduce in this linguis>c environment. consonant cluster reduc>on test me hand me down lit >cket cold drop Dirty Old Bastard best dog test anxiety hand it over lit operator cold ice cream Old English best offer English plurals •  cat > cats cat[s] •  dog > dogs dog[z] •  glass > glasses glass[@z] English plurals •  •  •  •  fuss judge church mess English plurals How does CCR affect pluraliza>on? standard CCR rule Plural rule IPA test  tes  tesses [[email protected]] desk  des  desses [[email protected]] When consonant cluster reduc>on occurs, speakers logically follow the rules of English plural forma>on. If the pronounced form ends in...
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