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journal assignment #1

journal assignment #1 - What is time Time is a common but...

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What is time? “Time” is a common but complex concept. You can’t touch it or hear it or see it. It seems changeable—sometimes fast, sometimes exceedingly slow. Arnold Bennet wrote a book during the 1930’s called How to Live on 24 Hours a Day ( Doubleday, New York, 1934). In this book, he characterizes time as a miracle. Why? He writes that when time is concerned, you can never be in debt-–no one can lend you their time, and you can’t borrow time from the future. You can never waste tomorrow, because someone is keeping tomorrow’s time safe for you. Nobody can ever tell you you don’t deserve the time you have and take it away from you, no matter how you spend it. And time is a most democratic of concepts—because everybody has exactly the same amount every day. Journal assignment#1 1. For six days, you will keep track of your time in your journal (like the exercise we did in class). Record your hours and print out a pie chart or you can record your time in your journal. 2.
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