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Andrew Pow FYE1-Section 46 Journal assignment #2 Last Thursday I attended the “sex in the dark” meeting in the Gleason Hall meeting room. The aim of the event was for curious students to meet together and ask “anonymous” questions with the lights off, in an attempt to become more sexually educated while hiding their identities and not embarrassing themselves. I went into the meeting questioning the fact that it would challenge my beliefs; I’m not against sexual education or conversation. The actual event, however, was much different than I expected. Instead of inquisitive students asking questions or sharing their views, the conversation turned to exchanging sex stories and inappropriate facts about themselves and others they had come in contact with. Not only was it not educational, but it wasn’t anonymous. Everyone saw each other in the light before and after the event, and therefore
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Unformatted text preview: knew where everyone was sitting, what they looked like, and how their voice sounded. This took away from the whole point of turning off the lights to make everyone more comfortable. Also, most people who attended didn’t even talk. It seemed like the more curious students felt scared or ashamed to talk over the blatantly promiscuous ones. My sexual beliefs were altered more than I had expected going into the event. I went in expecting good, educational conversation, and came out feeling dirty and uncomfortable. Besides impacting my sexual beliefs, the unsuccessfulness of this event will probably lead me to avoid such events in the future. I believe the event could have been carried on, or at least moderated, in a more professional way in order to make it a better experience for everyone....
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