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AJ Pow Journal #5 Ten things that have made this a successful quarter: 1. Past experiences . Because I took college-level classes in high school, I had an idea of how demanding the schedule would be, and how I would have to manage my time. 2. Dorm Life . I think much of the college experience comes from experiencing campus life. I had the option to live at home and commute every day, and I’m glad I chose not to. Living in the dorms has given me the opportunity, not only tp meet new people and deal with new situations, but also to break free from my former reliance on my parents. 3. Film . Before coming to RIT I had only dealt with video, a medium that typically requires much less money, time, and physical work to achieve the results you want with it. On a more major-specific note, I believe shooting and editing film has given me a greater appreciation for the past standards and techniques of the movie industry. 4.
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