Idea of equipotentiality turns out not to be the case

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Unformatted text preview: tion Spontaneous recovery Are we predisposed to certain associations? ● Idea of equipotentiality - turns out not to be the case ● Biological preparedness ● Learned taste aversion ● "Bright, Noisy, Tasty Water" Experiments Applications of Classical Conditioning ● Fear (Little Albert) ● Behavioral treatments ○ Exposure therapy ■ Systematic desensitization ■ Flooding ○ Aversion therapy Operant Conditioning ● Law of effect: A response followed by a reward will be strengthened, a response followed by no reward or punishment will be weakened ● Reinforcer (positive/negative) ● Punishment (positive/negative) ● Shaping Schedules of reinforcement ● ● ● ● Fixed ratio Variable ratio Fixed interval Variable interval...
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