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Letter 1 - history Bank Y cannot extend a mortgage loan for...

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BANK Y 555 S. 5 th Street Springfield, Il, 62712 217 555-7744 5 February 2007 Ty Milner 444 S. 5 th Street Springfield, Il 62712 Dear Mr. Johnson, I would to take this opportunity to thank you for expressing your interest in Bank Y. At Bank Y, all applications are read through thoroughly and in great detail. After reviewing your application, I regret to inform you that due to the fact that you have no credit
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Unformatted text preview: history, Bank Y cannot extend a mortgage loan for you. However, you are in luck. Bank Y does invite you to start your credit history with us. After some time, you will be able to build up your credit history enough to be able to get that mortgage loan. Whatever you decide to do, Bank Y wishes you luck in your future endeavors. Sincerely, Ty Milner Loan Officer...
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