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Jessica Amundson Final Paper AHS 1101 Elizabeth Grossman Final Research and Career Action Plan Research The profession I chose to research was a clinical laboratory scientist, because this is my first choice in my career path right now. When I attended the information session conducted by Pat Solberg, I learned that the definition of the profession of medical technology (clinical laboratory sciences) is; the profession concerned with providing information based on the performance of analytical tests upon human body substances to detect evidence of or to prevent disease or impairment, and to promote and monitor good health. At the University of Minnesota, the profession program is two and a half years, and the prerequisites can be accomplished in two years, including 22 weeks of rotations. You can graduate the program in 4 and a half years if it works out correctly. I interviewed Pat Solberg, the student personnel worker from the department of CLS, who gave me great insights toward this profession. She explained to me the ins and outs of the profession and also how important the science field is for this career. She made me realize how much I might enjoy pursuing this career. Pat also gave me motivation to stay strong in school, for the sake of competition. The more I find out about this profession, the more interested I become. I really feel that this is a great career for me, and I am very glad that I found it through this class. Self-Reflection and Action Plan
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What have you learned about yourself? Taking the course Introduction to Health Sciences helped me find my favorable characteristics. Listening to the speakers from different occupations talk about traits and qualities that are needed for their profession truly made me reflect on myself. Every occupation requires different personalities and if you want to be happy going to work everyday you need to find the job that fits you. Finding my interests and skills is a very
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ahsfinalpaper - Jessica Amundson Final Paper AHS 1101...

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